Running in High Heelers – it’s been a while since I last posted I know…way too long! I’ve missed you. But here is a small insight into what has been occurring in my running in high heels (more like trainers!) … Continue reading

Healthy Meals in Heels: Summer Sizzlers

As part of the Summer Holiday Countdown I’ve been talking about getting motivated, devising a plan, and now you’ve got to eat like you mean it! Because in getting bikini-body ready, and overall in getting healthy, your diet is an important … Continue reading

Top Tips for Getting Your BEST Bikini Body

So you’ve booked your summer holiday and your itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis are ready to be brought out of hibernation. You may have been training and eating healthily, but well, your Summer Holiday Countdown has started, and perhaps you … Continue reading

Top Tips for Getting Motivated

So the predictably unpredictable English spring is in full swing: sunshine, heavy showers, pollen; wedges, rain coats, and blossoms. And the countdown to summer, and if you’re lucky, your summer holiday, has started. The six-week countdown to my summer holiday has started…dah dah dah!! So, … Continue reading

Insanity Workout: The Final Instalment!

So, I finally got to the end of Month 2. Apologies for not getting this blog post out sooner, but well, I was scraping myself off the floor. Not really, I was busy having too much fun post-Insanity! You would … Continue reading