Insanity Workout: The Final Instalment!

So, I finally got to the end of Month 2. Apologies for not getting this blog post out sooner, but well, I was scraping myself off the floor.

Not really, I was busy having too much fun post-Insanity! You would too if you had just completed what they’ve deemed a ‘hardcore American workout’ and ‘extreme fitness DVD’! *Flicks imaginary dust off shoulder* hashtag holler

Swag Dog

Here are my final thoughts on Insanity…

The Jump

From Month 1 to Month 2 of the Insanity workout there is  quite a big jump, I think so at least! It goes from being a 40/45 minute workout to a full hour – an entire 20 minutes extra of the same high intensity max interval training – bleugh! (That’s an official Running in High Heels word by the way). And the intervals go from 30 seconds in length to 45 seconds in length. As you can see I didn’t quite love it as much as Month 1. This is, however, the whole point. No one has ever said it was going to be a leisurely meander around your local park on a sunny Sunday – hell no!  If you want to see some serious results in 60 days you’ve got to keep pushing yourself. Word of advice, try not to wipe out on all your sweat on the floor.


The Neighbours

If you remember from my previous blog post about Insanity (which you can read here:, having recently moved into my new pad the neighbours below me could be forgiven for thinking the Hippo Ballet had come to town. So I decided to introduce myself and ascertain whether my insane jumping around upstairs could in actual fact be heard…

Yes, yes it could. The mother of the family below said that her and her daughter had been discussing what exactly was going on for an hour every evening in the bedroom above, and that her money was on exercise, but her daughter wasn’t convinced, wink wink. At which point I blushed and hurried to explain that it wasn’t anything so exciting and that she was indeed correct – I was doing exercise. I’m not sure if the neighbour-lady was relieved or disappointed. Advice: Consider the effect it will have on your neighbours, and your reputation!

The Fact Sheet

Here are the stats from my first fit test at the start of the programme and my final fit test at the end of the programme. The total number of reps completed in 60 seconds is recorded.

Move First Fit Test (Start of Month 1) Final Fit Test (End of Month 2) Improvement!
Switch Kicks




Power Jacks




Power Knees




Power Jumps




Globe Jumps




Suicide Jumps




Push-Up Jacks




Low Plank Oblique




As you can see there was a considerable improvement in my scores!

And when it comes to inch-loss: I lost half a dress size doing the programme. The women reading this will understand how frustrating this can be! Jeans do not come in ‘half dress-sizes’! But I shall not complain, it is going in the right direction.

Training to be Bad Ass

The Verdict

This is a great programme if you want to blitz yourself – if you’ve hit a plateau in your fitness and want a new challenge, or if you want to kick start your metabolism and fat loss. But be prepared to commit fully and do it properly (45-60 minutes x 6 days per week, with a lot of noise). In that aspect, I found it not particularly convenient, as I had also just moved towns, moved into a new flat and started a new job, so it wasn’t easy to fit it into my schedule. But if you want the results you’ve got to find a way!

I also didn’t enjoy Month 2 as much as Month 1- no sh*t Sherlock (the swearing returned to top levels). That extra 20 minutes really kicked my ass and quite frankly was tedious. BUT, it did what it was supposed to do and it was a great activity for discipline and pushing through barriers. I will definitely continue to do some of the DVDs – the 45 minute DVDs 2-4 x per week plus my other workout activities will be just fine I think!

Fitness is psychological


So, what is the next challenge?!