Healthy Meals in Heels: Spring Green!

In my endeavour to be more creative and spruce up my healthy eating, I’ve decided to do a regular feature testing out new ideas and recipes, and report back to you on them. I’m sure there will be some successes, as well as some failures! So keep reading…

Top 3 Recipes This Month:

In honour of Spring, which for me is all about the colour green, I will be testing out a juice, a funked up salad and something spicy for dinner. Ay caramba.

Spring-Green Juice (see what I did there?):

This is actually not a new introduction to my heathy eating repertoire. I love making a juice, and this is one of my favourites. Simple, and it may not look like it, but tasty!

Ingredients: Spinach (for iron), cucumber (for hydration), pineapple (for the digestive enzyme Bromelain), coconut water (for the electrolytes). You can swop out the cucumber for avocado, or the pineapple for blueberries. Experiment!

The Green Godzilla!

The Green Godzilla!

The Mighty-Cluck Salad:

Spring time heralds salad time for my lunches. But they don’t have to be boring! Funk them up with some of your favourite additions: sweet peppers, goats cheese, olives, anchovies etc.

I just through this one together with whatever I had in the fridge – a base of baby spinach leaves, chicken breast, cucumber, avo, some feta cheese and a mango, chilli & lime dressing – delish!

Spring Salad - to use

The Mighty-Cluck Salad

You’re Stir-Fry Crazy!:
Stir-frys are a quick and easy idea for dinner – and a one-pot (wok!) wonder you could say.

Ingredients: Chicken breast (by all means swop it out for something other than chicken!), tender stem broccoli, green beans, sliced peppers, fried in garlic, chilli, ginger and toasted sesame oil, with some light soya.

Stir fry photo

You’re Stir-Fry Crazy!

Et voila!

Food blogs I’ve been reading:

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Just for Kicks:

Making one of my favourite breakfasts: The King of all bagels! Toasted seeded bagel, bacon and egg – a great hangover cure.

The Smudged Make-Up Selfie

The Smudged Make-Up Selfie


Happy Cooking!