Healthy Food Review: Tasty, convenient and gluten-free!

Last week fellow PuraVida blogger, Maria, and I headed to Vozars Gluten-Free Cafe (, a cute little place nestled in Brixton Market. We were there for a tasting of Ilumi World’s new range of meals, as we were both quite curious about gluten-free food. Our only previous exposure being home-made gluten-free bread a friend once brought us – whether it was the gluten-free or her baking skills that were to blame I wasn’t sure, but after last week I can now say it must have been her baking skills!

Ilumi Tasting 2

Ilumi ( produce nut, gluten and milk-free, ready-made meals – predominantly soups, curries and casseroles. I am no expert on gluten-free food, but there has been research demonstrating that gluten can lead to bloating and tiredness, and some people are totally intolerant (coeliac disease). I do however have anecdotal evidence of an athlete I know who went gluten-free, and swears that it made a huge difference to her training and performance.

Ilumi Tasting 3

For myself, as someone who does not have a food allergy, or is particularly restrictive on any dietary factors (to say the least!), the most important factor would be taste, followed by convenience (it’s a given that the Ilumi meals are healthy – no processed rubbish here). As I will be moving soon, and will no longer have such easy access to my family’s delicious cooking (I am spoiled I know), these slow-cooked stews will be my go-to. It is either Venison Casserole with Pancetta and Sloe Gin (one of my favourites from the Ilumi Gastropub menu) – or a chicken breast and salad…which would you rather?!

And with all the meals being less than £4 – it is not going to break the bank.

But don’t take my word for it, try it yourselves! Ilumi are offering some free samples to my readers:

For more info:

Ilumi World – more info on this gluten-free world, their range of products and some great deals -

Vozars Gluten-Free Cafe – a wheat and gluten-free cafe in Brixton, who make their own gluten-free beer too (Celia Lager)! -

Ilumi Tasting 1