Insanity – Week 1

This sh*t is bananas y’all!

So 2014 has kicked off and I’ve committed to my first challenge of the year. Last year I tackled the squat challenge, my first marathon, and the Bootcamp Pilates challenge…Not only do I test out different activities and report back to you guys on them from a real-person perspective, but on a purely selfish level, I love doing them!

Some of the benefits include: the physical things, like a tight tush, toned arms, strong core, and the ability to run 42kms (just!); energy levels through the roof (I can dance all night at Ministry of Sound when I want to); the satisfaction of setting a goal and reaching it; and I am quite possibly the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my life, or at least since my early 20s. So if you need any more motivation to set and complete a challenge of your own – IT IS WORTH IT!


My first challenge this year is a little something called Insanity – perhaps you’ve heard of it? If not, well some of the write-ups have described it as ‘the hardest workout ever put on DVD’ and it promises ‘one year’s results in 60 days’.

 **Im just going to say right upfront that I am not writing these Insanity reviews on my blog for anyone else other than myself – this is NOT an American infomercial for it – I bought my own Insanity DVD set and get nothing from them – so it is all true, real and my own opinion and results from doing this challenge.** 

 Why? I decided to tackle this challenge because a friend who is getting married in a couple of months started it, and well, her results have been fantastic! In one month I have seen her lose weight and tone up – dramatically. Granted, you have never seen a more determined woman until you meet a woman getting married apparently.

I’m more like….

abs and a booty

But I do believe that committing to a challenge properly is imperative (whether you need to walk down the aisle or not – my summer holiday in Ibiza is calling) if you really want to see the results. So I shall be aiming to complete all the workouts in the 60 days. I have just completed my first full week of the programme.

What is it? This is all about Max Interval Training – pushing your heart rate to the max, with short rest periods between circuits/sets. There is a lot of jumping, squats, kicks, burpees – and things called ‘suicide drills’ – so you can just imagine. On that note – it’s best for ground floor rooms/flats – unless your neighbours don’t mind the sound of a Serengeti wildebeest migration taking place in your lounge! It is very intense – but it is also short. Shaun T. (you will get to know him very well in this challenge) spends about 10mins warming you up and 5mins stretching you out at the end, so in Month 1, the intense phase of the workout is only 20-25mins really. There are 13 different DVDs – which means a lot of variety in the workouts. My advice? Don’t be intimated by the super-fit, athletic bodies in the DVDs – just try to get your form right, and keep up as much as possible – and push yourself, it is only 45mins of your day!

It doesn't have to be fun

Oh, and I do a lot of sweating and swearing. That’s me doing the workouts really. Sweating and swearing. I haven’t sworn this much since my last roller-coaster ride in 2009…

Roller coaster

So far, I’ve loved it. Watch this space to see how it goes. And by all means, set your own fitness challenge!

More info: If you are interested in doing the Insanity challenge too – check out their video, it gives you a visual on what the workouts look like. It is very American ‘Ra-Ra’ infomercial, so be prepared for that…

In the words of Shaun T.: Peace out ya’ll!

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