Happy New Year!

Dear Running in High Heelers,

Another year, another set of goals.

Perhaps like many of us, you’re doing an ‘Edi’…


Well, I am here to help you!

I am going to be your running in high heels warrior, testing and trying different activities, reporting back on the most effective and encouraging you along your journey, whilst sharing my own experience of this thing called FITSPO.

Running in High Heels started a couple of years ago as a way to share my passion for anything health and fitness related. A call-to-arms of the modern woman (that’s you!): in the prime of our lives; independent; fun-loving; sassy; and adventurous. A woman who wants to be healthy, but also feel sexy. Someone who understands the value in the daily good habits (the halo), and because you’re in it for the long-haul you like to try new things every once in a while to spice up your fitness life (the horns).

I won’t sugar coat it, you’re going to have to work at it – every damn day, every week. But it will be worth it: the extra energy, the glowing skin, the tight tush, the little and big accomplishments along the way – entering your first race, running a marathon, doing your first Zumba class – whatever it is.

And most importantly there will be no BS here. No sprouting nonsense about how if you mash up this herb from South America with spices from Asia and do a little witch craft around the pot you’ll wake up thin. Nope, no BS; just a real woman trying out real things on her very real journey. I have persistence on my side, but I am by no means perfect.

It is all about fun, quick, effective workouts and healthy eating habits that actually work. It is about finding what works for you. Finding your own balance between the good and the bad, the naughty and nice, the halo and the horns. And I hope along the way you also get to experience the sense of pride at your accomplishments, lord knows there are enough frustrations!

So I hope you will join me on this adventure in 2014. Let’s make it fun! If you enjoy reading the blog please share the love and spread the word.

Yours in sweatiness,

Bianca x

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Be Fit, Be Fierce, Be Fabulous!