Bootcamp Pilates: The Final Stage

Having just completed my last class at Bootcamp Pilates in Fulham I’m feeling a little sad. Thankfully it is only a temporary break and I shall be returning in the new year to pike, twist, lengthen and stretch my body into shape!


So what have been the results of this little challenge? Well, having regularly attended these dynamic reformer Pilates classes over the last couple of months, I can say that there have been numerous benefits!

My Results:

  • With an intense focus on core strength and movement on the reformer machine, I felt that it has been a great benefit to my running. My core has gotten much stronger and my posture and stamina while running has greatly improved. I would definitely recommend this as a complement to other sports to improve your performance in these areas.
  • There is a lot of emphasis on spinal alignment, pelvic stability and pelvic floor work (think Kegels and hip bridges). I honestly believe women should do a lot more work in these areas, not only is it a benefit sexually (wink wink) but also for future pregnancies and post-partum recovery.
  • But don’t think these classes, and the benefits, are just for women! It is a tough full body workout, where a lot of strength and muscular stamina is required, so there are always a couple of forward-thinking guys in the classes. And apparently the London Welsh rugby team regularly attend classes too!
  • And finally, there was also the not-to-be-sniffed-at benefit of inch loss: I lost inches in all the right places. Particular areas of toning and tightening included my obliques, hips, outer glutes, and hamstrings (though the benefits were felt everywhere!). Great for getting me Little Sparkly Dress ready.


This mini challenge has been a great introduction to the machine and the classes, it has fast-tracked my improvements, developed strength (even though I thought I was fairly fit and strong!), and has given me a deepened awareness of my body, and its current weaknesses. The instructors have all been very helpful (Pawel has been great for helping improve weaknesses) so don’t feel intimidated by the machine or if you are a beginner – you get the hang of it pretty quickly!

The Running in High Heels (RIHH) Rating: 4/5 Heels

But don’t just take my word for it. If Victoria’s Secret Angels like Alessandra Ambrosia and Iza Goulart use it as part of their training, there must be something in it 😉

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