Bootcamp Pilates – The Autumn Challenge (Post Marathon)

If you’ve been reading my blog the past couple of months you would know I ran the Amsterdam marathon in October (I wonder how many times I can say it before someone bops me?). If you don’t know about it, go read the blog post now

Anyway, as a part of my marathon training I have also been attending dynamic reformer Pilates at the Bootcamp Pilates studio in Fulham. And I’ve been updating you on my experience (loving it!) and the improvements that have been made (many!). I think it made a big difference to my marathon: for my stamina, posture, and overall in preventing injury. Which all added up to having a good run on the day and actually enjoying it! Yes, I am one of those weirdos that actually enjoyed running a marathon (mostly).

Bootcamp Pilates

A lot of the work we do in the classes focuses on using and engaging your core correctly, activating your pelvis, and developing pelvic stability and spinal alignment. These are the cornerstones of keeping injury-free really. Working at a physio practice, these are often the factors which clients need to improve. And it is so much better to work on these factors to prevent injury than it is to work on them post-injury (often in pain, unable to do your usual exercise regime, and possibly not able to wear high heels – NO!).

The classes are also small in size so you get really good instruction and involvement from the instructors with a heavy emphasis on good form and breathing correctly. This I think was also beneficial during my marathon as it helped me regulate my breathing, especially when I was tired and starting to pant like a pervert caller.


A special mention needs to be made of the Irish lad Kevin – thanks for the squat hell (and awesome tunes!), and Maria for the obliques torture. I loved it really 🙂

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