Holiday Workouts

It is possible to keep up your training and exercise on a holiday, and not totally slip into decadence and debauchery (well, a little at least!).

Recently, I went away for a week of sunshine, relaxation and fun with friends. In amongst my way-too-many bikinis (I have a bikini obsession even though I live in London – they turn out to be particularly impractical for the lifestyle here), I packed a skipping rope and a theraband (both way less than a g-string). Thus I was able to do some mini circuit/strength training sessions.

For me a holiday is first and foremost about breaking from the same old routines, and this applies to my workouts too. So I like to do slightly different things from my usual workouts, and I like to make it short and sweet! The sun loungers and cocktails are calling after all…

Here is an example of my mini holiday circuit (roughly 20-30mins, you have more important things to be doing, like…tanning!):

The Holiday Workout:

2min Fast skipping (like a boxer!

150 Squats (plie squats, wide squats, narrow squats)

1min Fast skipping

20 Alternating leg lunges

20 Glute kickbacks (

20 Fire hydrants (

20 Clams with the theraband (

40 Side steps with the theraband (

1min  Fast skipping

20 Press ups

20 Tricep dips (

20 Shoulder press with theraband (

1min Plank (

20secs Side planks on each side (

1min Fast skipping

Repeat x 2/3 times depending on the severity of your hangover!

I find holidays provide lots of opportunities to get active and have fun while doing it! We played pool volleyball and went dancing a couple of times. Go swimming or snorkeling in the sea, take a hike up a mountain, rent a kayak, rent bicycles and tour the countryside, take a long walk along the beach (‘If you like pina coladas’ ♫)…It’s all so good for the soul! Especially when it’s outdoors and in the sunshine with some of your favourite people!

Happy holidays senoritas!

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