The Squat-mageddon!

As an Instagram-holic I follow a lot of fitness people – it’s interesting, inspiring and I’m always learning something new. One of the leaders of this #fitfam on Instagram is @cttchickentuna (, and she is well-known for photos of her body, particularly her round and pert booty, which are found all over Instagram as #fitspo – and fitspo they are!

So when she posted that she would be doing the April Squatmageddon, I decided to get involved and squat my butt off!

April squats

And I did it! I followed the programme to the letter and actually quite enjoyed it! I did my usual workouts and added in my daily squat targets. Some people divide their daily squat targets into sets to do at different times of day (for example: 50 squats before breakfast, 50 squats at lunch and 50 squats before bed). I prefer to do mine all in one go, and after doing this for the whole of April I clocked up 5550 squats!!

It can seem a bit tedious some days, but it is possible! And if you want a round, pert, peachy derriere you had better get squatting. So I am training it to become a habit in my life, just a part of my routine.

Squats - for the ass you've always wanted

But please remember good squat form. If your form is incorrect you could injure yourself and the squats will be less effective. You also DO NOT need to do this with weights, I use my body weight (and so does @cttchickentuna!).

Squat technique

So happy was I with the April Squatmageddon (and realising that I have a beach holiday coming up!), that I’ve continued onto the May challenge (thanks to @TheIronAngel – another great fitspo Instagrammer!).

May squats


So, drop it like its hot ladies! Or as they say on Instagram #asstothegrass!