Be Nutritious…

Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle


K.I.S.S. My gran’s neighbour first introduced me to this concept a few years back. And I don’t mean the band or the smooching kind! K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Stupid. It’s my mantra for many things – work, life, relationships, and diets! There are many different diets on the market: the South Beach diet, the Atkins diets, the Dukan diet, WeightWatchers, Lighter Life, the cayenne pepper/maple syrup diet, the cabbage soup diet…No doubt some of them are better than others, but the whole concept of ‘going on a diet’, means that at some point we come off it and usually pile back on the weight.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a few fad diets in my time, especially when I was younger. When I was a good few years younger I decided to go on quite a strict diet. It was low carbs and low calories, and I decided it was a great idea to do this when I was going on a holiday over the Xmas period. Needless to say I was a beast to be around – grumpy, snappy, cranky, tired, miserable and generally resentful of everyone else who was eating all the yummy foods. I did lose some weight. But at what cost? Well I put it back on again as it wasn’t sustainable at all, and I was no fun. It became all-consuming, and my confidence was worse off than before I started.
I won’t lie though, it didn’t take just one experience for me to learn, in fact it took a few more of these crazy stages before I gained some common sense and ditched that method!
Over the years of reading up about diets and nutrition and doing nutrition courses, my approach to diets has changed. I don’t believe in ‘diets’ – where you put yourself on a strict diet for a certain period of time and then come off it again. I now believe in having ‘healthy eating habits’ – it’s a lifestyle, a life-long attitude and approach to food and nourishment.
Because, the thing is, these diets can have good results, but all too often you lose some weight, become obsessive about food, come off the diet and then binge out.
We’re lured in by the promise of a quick-fix, and ‘guaranteed’ slimness – but really, losing weight is quite simple. There is no magic potion or solution. Eat healthily and exercise more.

It’s stressful and can be complicated counting all the calories you eat and weighing everything before you eat it, you can become crazed by a lack of carbs, and then beat yourself up because you had a ‘bad’ day and then decided what the hell you may as well have a bad week! I know the mentality…

So K.I.S.S!