Be Focused…

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I remember reading somewhere that a goal is a dream with a plan, and I’ve always liked that. It’s good to draw up a list of goals you want to achieve in your exercise programme or fitness challenge, in all aspects of your life! And to be as clear about these goals as possible. There is a lot of research showing that goal-setting is a useful tool for enhancing performance and increasing motivation. It also directs our attention, has an energising effect, and encourages greater effort and persistence. Yes, please!

There are some guidelines fo effective goal-setting though. You may have heard of SMART goals already: specific (a specific amount of weight to lose, distance to run, time to complete); measureable (it needs to be something tangible, something you can measure); action-focused (something you can actually work towards); realistic (yet, moderately difficult, i.e.: not too hard, not too easy); and timely (there needs to be a deadline date).

Keep it simple though, and don’t overwhelm yourself with a 10 page list of goals. Rather have 1 or 2 main outcome goals (i.e.: your final goals), and break these main goals into a couple of weekly and daily goals. We often focus solely on the outcome goal, but by focusing on the smaller goals in the process of achieving that final goal, it breaks it down into more manageable chunks.

For a little inspiration check out Nike’s Make Yourself Campaign:

What are you making yourself today?