Be Active…

Fit Body

There are so many good reasons to exercise, whether it be for your body, mind, or dare I say it, your spirit!

‘Adding years to life and adding life to years’: Regular physical activity, be it exercise or sport, has been shown to be very important for our health. It reduces health risks like cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, certain cancers and obesity, as well as reducing mortality rates (US Surgeon General’s Report, 1996).

It also improves our sleep patterns, energy levels, appetite, libido (bonus!), and concentration.

‘Exercise, it’s cheaper than therapy’: Regular exercise has also been shown to affect our psychological wellbeing, specifically, improving our mood and self-esteem, reducing anxiety, buffering against stress, and reducing symptoms of depression.

It can also be fun, releasing much-needed endorphins, and it can be social!

Plus, it’s doing something just for you. It’s investing something a little bit everyday for yourself. We have work responsibilities, relationship commitments, time constraints and chores, and we can spend all our day doing things for other people. When we’re busy exercise is one of the first things to go out the window! But be selfish, and make it a priority. Let the people close to you know it’s important to you, make your exercise time non-negotiable!

Not least, exercise can give us great confidence, not only in how we look, but more importantly in how we feel about ourselves. It develops important qualities, like discipline (in the face of obstacles and distractions), committment (to something that is important to you), determination (going for what you want in life), and tenacity (to keep trying!). All important qualities which can be applied to other areas of our life.

If you ask me these are all great reasons to exercise! Who doesn’t want better health, happier moods, less stress, more fun, and more confidence?

‘Success comes in cans, failure in can’ts’ (Anon)