Be Motivated…


Analyse your motivations and work out what is at the heart of it. Why do you exercise? Or why do you want to? Is it to get fit and healthy, for longevity, to be a good role model for your kids; is it for competition, approval, to be interesting, to achieve something; is it about winning; is it because you think if you get the body you want other people will look at you differently, appreciate you more, love you more; is it because you’ll like yourself better, you’ll have more confidence; be applauded, be noticed; is it expected of you? Just be honest with yourself. Don’t judge your answers. Get to the route of why you exercise, the real reason underneath it all. Sometimes we push ourselves, or want something, but don’t know why, or have forgotten the reason behind the aspiration. Look at your goals and ask yourself: Why do I want this? What do I think I will get from this?

If you look closely enough, it’s probably because it satisfies or needs to satisfy something mentally or emotionally. Is what you are truly aspiring for exciting and motivating you, getting you out there doing what you need to do to get it, is it satisfying you, or are you demotivated, not sure of the purpose, lethargic, doubtful? Get to the heart of what you really want and why. It should fuel you, excite and motivate you. Yes, it may scare or intimidate you, but getting back to the basics of why you want to exercise or play sport should help guide you and give you renewed purpose.

Look at the other aspects of your life. Are you just putting one foot in front of the other, or are you working towards a vision, something you are aspiring for or to in your life? There may be a pattern with your motivations (or lack thereof) to exercise, your motivations at work, in your relationships, your choices. What are you aspiring to and why?

Understanding the motivation behind any of your goals in life – career, relationships, financial – will help you clarify the raw reason behind it and get you truly going for it!

‘Goals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives. They are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in a direction. The only reason we really pursue goals is to cause ourselves to expand and grow. Achieving goals by themselves will never make us happy in the long term; it’s who you become, as you overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve your goals, that can give you the deepest and most long-lasting sense of fulfillment.’ Anthony Robbins