Healthy Cooking…

I’ve gotten into a rut lately, in actual fact for quite a long while now…I used to have a great passion for cooking (coming from an Italian family, with a chef and a lot of ‘cooks in the kitchen’ I guess it was inevitable), sometimes even pretending I was doing a cooking show while putting together the evening meal. I also compiled a ‘family cookbook’ of all our family favourites and specialities which I intended on self-publishing (one day!). But this is no longer the case. I’m not quite sure why my passion waned, but unusual work shifts don’t help. Added to this it is quite difficult to convince my family about the sorts of healthy things I like to eat. ‘No sauce?’, ‘No white carbs?’, ‘What is this dry brown rice?’. Therefore, no go.

But I have decided to reinvigorate my cooking (and as a consequence my eating!). I really believe healthy can be tasty, so I’ve decided to try out one new healthy recipe every week, hopefully adding to my limited repertoire of steam-baked salmon!

There are 3 things I look for in new recipes: healthy AND tasty; economical on the budget; and most importantly it must be quick and easy to prepare. So look out for the healthy recipes I’ll be adding to the blog – only ones that I’ve tried out and will actually endorse of course : )