The February Challenge!

My challenge this February is to do some form of exercise EVERYDAY of the month. With February being the shortest month of the year, even though it is a leap year (who will be proposing to their boyfriends I wonder?!), why not join me in this challenge? We can all find time to do some exercise everyday, even if it is just for 15 minutes! Go for a walk, jog, do a short body weight circuit at home, a dance class – anything, as long as it is active. The aim is not necessarily to be the best athlete or to look like a supermodel, it is just to be healthy and active. And with the sedentary lifestyle we lead in the western world, we spend a lot of time, let’s be honest, sitting on our bums! So  make this February a fabulous and active month (instead of a dreary, lazy one!). Guarranteed it will increase your energy, make you feel great and will help combat the ‘Desk Body Syndrome’ – wide bums and hunched shoulders.