The Promise…

About 10 years ago I made myself a promise (one that only a young girl would make!). I promised myself I would have 10 years of a hot-pants-wearing body (Daisy Duke-style). Well, lets just say I’ve never quite gotten round to doing this (much to my family’s relief I’m sure!).

As I’m having a big birthday next year, this old promise has been at the back of my mind…and I have decided in all earnestness to go for it! This means I have around 6 months to get myself into hot-pants wearing shape.

Don’t fear! I will probably not be prancing about in these shorts : )  It is not so much the hot pants, it could be any arbitrary piece of clothing – a dress for a party, a bikini for the summer holidays – but it is about the principle of keeping this promise to myself – to be in the best shape of my life!

We take the promises we make to other people seriously, so why not take the promises we make to ourselves seriously? Keeping promises to ourselves is important for many reasons, most of them obvious, but think about how you feel when someone makes you a committment or promise and comes through for you…now treble that feeling for when you fulfill your own promise!

So one of my goals for the next 6 months is ‘The Promise’.

To achieve this promise I’ve developed a plan to follow. But while I’ve been designing this plan the thought going through my mind has been: sustainability! I don’t believe in going to extreme measures when it comes to diet and exercise – it is bad for your body and mind, and most importantly it is not sustainable! You may put yourself through hell, have 2 minutes of glory, then fall off the bandwagon! So the whole point of my programme is to make it sustainable, something I can keep doing after my 6 month goal date.

The Plan:

  • Exercise 4-6 x per week (45min to 90min sessions) – using a combination of cardio, ballet, pilates, specially designed strengthening workouts, pulse yoga and dance.
  • Nutrition – eating 4-5 small meals per day between 7am and 7pm.

I already eat like this and do the exercise, the only difference will be increasing the intensity of my workouts and the duration, and being slightly stricter with my diet (i.e.: I won’t be eating chocolate every night!).

I will be updating the blog with my experience of the programme, my food diary, recipe ideas, workouts, and how I’m keeping myself motivated!