Tip of the Day:  K.I.S.S Tips

  • Portion Size – Lets face it, most of us eat too much, and dish-up man-size portions for our dinners…Smaller portions, go with the handful rule.
  • Balance and variety – Nothing should really be off limits (unless you have an allergy of course). There is just stuff you have less of, and stuff you have more of.
  • Small regular meals – This will keep your blood sugar levels consistent, you wont be starved and want to eat a horse, and will keep your metabolism going throughout the day.
  • The Rule of 3: Protein, carbs, fats. Try eat a little bit of all 3 at every meal. None of it is banned, just have the ‘good’ kinds, more often than the bad. So small portions of low GL carbs, like brown rice or quinoa; olive oil and nuts; lean proteins.
  • Simple Foods: The simpler the food and the less complicated the cooking method, generally the healthier it is. Eat foods in their simplest forms, with very little done to them. Eat less of the junk food, fried food, processed food, sugary foods etc.

An Example Day:
Breakfast: Unprocessed oats with a handful of blueberries
Snack: Small low fat yoghurt and handful of nuts
Lunch: Salad of couscous or quinoa, with chicken or goats cheese, and spinach leaves, tomatoes, cucumber. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.
Snack: Sugar snap peas and a mini pot of hummus or 2 rice cakes with avo.
Dinner: Steambaked salmon and sweet potato mash
Treat: 2 pieces of dark chocolate.

Some extra advice:

  • Don’t starve yourself. Life is short.
  • Don’t be strict on holidays or dates – after that Xmas when I was younger I vowed never to repeat something so silly again. I never restrict myself on holidays, I just try balance it out, some days you’ll eat more, other days less. You’ll just be miserable and boring otherwise. Who wants to sit across from someone who can’t eat this, won’t eat that, won’t have a glass of wine or romantically share a dessert with you? If a guy did that on a date with me, it would be a  deal-breaker…
  • The way we eat is just habit. You may be in the habit of skipping breakfast, eating a pastry at your desk, snacking on biscuits in the afternoon and grabbing convenience food on the way home. But eating healthily becomes a habit too…just swop out yor habits.

Sometimes you want to be stricter for a special occasion, like a holiday or wedding. But don’t expect to lose 10kgs in 3 weeks! Start eating healthily a few months before (for life!), then a few weeks before your occasion you can be a bit stricter if you want:
Have a healthy breakfast
Eat only healthy snacks
Drink 2l water and not much else
Healthy salads for lunch
Protein and veg for dinner
And increase your exercise!