Goal of the Day:ย  Have a ME/Mental Health Day

Sometime in the near future have a ME day. This doesn’t have to mean not working or not seeing other people. It just means doing things for you too.

  • Instead of starting your day listening to the news (stress surge!), listen to music or have silence instead.
  • Take time over your breakfast and coffee for a change – no rushing!
  • Do 10 mins of yoga or meditate (proven to decrease stress, increase concentration and mood!)
  • Find alone time (e.g.: on your lunch break) and sit somewhere and read or people-watch.
  • Connect with someone- a friend or partner. Social connection improves our mood and how we feel about ourselves.
  • Go for a 10-20 min walk outdoors – fresh air has an immediate effect on our mood and energy levels.
  • Don’t answer the phone on the first ring. Wait 2 rings, take a deep breath, then answer it. Answering the phone on the first ring increases our stress levels.
  • Indulge in a guilty pleasure!
  • Watch a funny movie and laugh or watch a sad movie and cry – both are therapeutic.
  • Listen to music! You know I’m a big fan of music and listen to it almost all day, even if it’s just in the background. But there is also tons of evidence about the effect of music – it can be motivational, mood enhancing, or a relaxant. Listen to feel good chilled music today. Some of my faves for this sort of thing are: Van Morrsion ‘Days Like This’, Jamiroquai ‘Blue Skies’, and Florence and the Machines ‘Dog Days’. But whatever you like : )
  • Have an afternoon sleep or get to bed early. Power naps are great for our productivity, even if you feel grumpy when you wake up, you’ll feel much better in an hour. I’m a bit like a toddler, if I’m grumpy I probably need 2 things: food and nap to sort me right out ; )