Tip of the Day:

There is considerable evidence that exercise is a fantastic buffer to stress. So instead of reaching for junk food and alcohol this week when you’re feeling the stress, choose to combat it with exercise; even a walk after dinner will make a difference. All the bad habits we use to deal with our stress don’t actually help – either they’ll give you a temporary high and drop you, so that you feel worse afterwards, or they mask the stress…not very effective. While the physiological, psychological and social aspects of physical activity will all work to dissipate your tension!

Inspirational Woman of the Day: Mae West

We are surrounded by images of skinny celebs and size zero models, but there is something far more sexy and interesting about the old-school dolls, like Mae West. They were proud of their curves and had a whole lot of pizzazz. Ms West was well-known for her cheeky quips: ‘Cultivate your curves – they may be dangerous, but they won’t be avoided’ ; )