Tip of the Day: Preventing Injuries and Dealing with Niggles…


If you’re like some of my family, you may only do a couple of stretches (for a few seconds at a time), if you do any at all, and call it stretching. Pfff…Stretch properly after every workout. I do a 15min fully body stretch after every workout, going top to toe stretching out all the major muscle groups for 20-30 seconds each, so that my body can relax into it. People often neglect this part of their workout, as they run out of time or find it boring (do it in the evening after a bath then). But it is just as important as the warm-up. See it as the relaxing part of your workout to help prevent muscle soreness the next day.

  • Keep in mind the acronym: RICE

R – rest – don’t continue to push when you body is in too much pain or discomfort.
I – ice – this reduces swelling.
C – compression – use support or a bandage to keep joints stable if you need to.
E – elevation – raise the injured part above the level of the heart to limit swelling.

  • Ice helps for joints and swelling, but HEAT helps muscle tightness and loosening stiffness. So if you just have some muscle soreness a hot bath with epsom salts can help. If you’ve got lower back pain or stiffness I find heat patches work well.
  • MASSAGE something like Voltaren Emulgel into tight muscles.
  • Use a FOAM ROLLER to roll out stiff backs or tight ilio-tibial bands.
  • Dirnks lots of H20 to help flush toxins.