Inspirational Woman of the Day: Jennifer Lopez

Whether you rate her or not, she has definately made bootylicious popular. Having a natural pear-shaped body, with a small bust and a big butt, she has had to work hard to keep her body toned and looking good (indeed, making millions from it!). She does a lot of dancing, cardio and toning, and after she gave birth to her twins, she trained for a triathlon to help shed her baby weight. I think she has fantastic legs and I’m not the only one – she is now the Global Ambassador for Gillette Venus. You can learn the dance routine she does in the advert by going to – it’s a bit cheesy, but fun ; )

Goal of the Day:

Do your hardest training session today: run a bit further, work a bit harder. Push yourself that extra little bit – it doesn’t have to be a lot, just add an extra 5mins onto your training session, or 10mins if you can spare it. As you’re getting to that last part of your workout before the cooldown, push yourself harder, this is called: ‘Kick it in!’ Let that be your mantra today.