Inspirational Woman of the Day: Heidi Klum

As part of her summer fitness challenge she has pledged (along with other participants) to cumulatively log 100,000 miles of running or walking in 6 weeks (for charity). She started on 20th June and so far her team has logged 15,564 miles, Heidi having logged 93.77 miles of running and walking herself. She is going for runs almost everyday and some other models and celebs have been papped running with her. She says on her blog that ‘Making the decision to run this summer was a great one. I feel healthier and more energetic than ever before’.

Over the next week why not take a photo of yourself out on a run (or walk), or get someone else to take it, and we can post it on the blog – all the ladies out there getting fit and healthy!

Tip of the Day: Route Planners

There are lots of different run route planners out there, so you can figure out new routes, and log  your speed and distance. There are websites:
And mobile phone apps too:
RunKeeper Pro
Nike+ GPS
Runmeter GPS

I use – it’s simple, easy to use and free!