Inspirational Woman of the Day: Lisa Snowdon

She of the glossy brown locks and long legs (also one of George Clooney’s many exes) has a healthy attitude and approach to diet and exercise: ‘I love eating, I don’t like diets. I think as long as I eat in moderation, and I’m exercising, I can maintain it. I like good food, but I do treat myself. Some days I’ll have Nandos…but only once a week.’

Tip of the Day: Warm-Up!

Always warm-up before exercising! Your body can’t really go from 0-60mph in 3.4secs (it’s not a sports car) without a little warm-up first. So if you’re running, walk briskly for 5-10mins first; if you’re cycling start off on a gentle spin to loosen your legs; if you’re swimming do some gentle laps first – you get my drift. This will warm your body up, loosen up the appropriate muscles and help prevent injury! It may sound basic and boring, but it’s true.