Goal of the Day: 5km Run Plan

If you aren’t able to run 5kms (3 miles), here is a programme you can do to get to 5km in about 2-3 weeks, so you can join the half-marathon programme later. 5kms sounds far when you haven’t run it before, but you can do it and get fit very quickly by consistency! It will mean you have to push yourself a little harder by doing around 5 small runs a week though.

The quickest way is interval training, starting off by walking/jogging, and slowly phasing out the amount of time you walk, and increasing the amount of time you jog.

Week 1:
Walk/Jog for 30mins x 4 per week (5min warm-up walk, 2.5min jog/2.5min walk x 4, 5min cool down walk).
1 x 20min easy jog

Week 2:
Walk/Jog for 35mins x 4 per week (5min warm-up walk, 3min jog/2min walk x 5, 5min cooldown walk)
1 x 30min easy jog (just concentrate on getting into a rhythm)

Week 3:
Walk/Jog for 45mins x 4 per week (5min warm-up walk, 4min jog/1min walk, x 7, 5min cooldown walk)
1 x 40min easy jog (map out a 5km route and do it)

The first 10mins of every run are the hardest for me – you heart rate suddenly spikes, you’re breathing harder, and you’re trying to get into a rhythm – but once I get past that I find I get into a comfortable pace and my breathing and heart rate acclimatises. So just push past the first 10mins!