Half Marathon Training Plan

‘Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs’ (Henry Ford)

I have unfortunately been a bit unwell the last couple of days – a bit of an involuntary natural detox : / Thankfully, as I am writing this, I am starting to feel a little less ropey. It can be frustrating when you feel ill and you want to train. Mentally, you’re raring to go, but physically, your body is saying NO! There is not much to be done about this, except to listen to your body, rest and take care of yourself. The better you do this, hopefully, the quicker you bounce back.

I’m not one who buys into the training while you’re sick mentality. I know people who believe in going to the gym and sweating out their flu (?!), or going on a long run when they have a bad cold. Now, I’m not a medical expert, and perhaps this works for some people, but it seems rather counterintuitive to me. Your body is under a lot of stress as it has to fight off and recover from your illness, so putting added pressure on it seems a bit unhealthy. And surely, if you’re feeling that unwell all you want to do is curl up on the couch and sleep?

I think exercise teaches us to be more aware of our bodies, and learning to listen to our bodies is, for me, one of the first fundamental steps to staying healthy and injury free (mostly). Figuring out the difference between muscle soreness and overtraining, between an uncomfortable movement and an injury, between just feeling a bit unwell and coming down with something more serious.

I’ve found that the more exercise I do, the more I pay attention to my body – my posture, my agility, core, muscles, movement etc. So, when you’re training, or just going about your day, every now and then do a mental check on how everything is feeling. The more you do this, the more you’ll figure out what is normal/healthy for your body, and what is perhaps not.