Extra Info:

  • The medium pace runs increase in distance slightly each week too. So, for example, Week 1 has two 5km medium pace runs, this distance will increase slightly each week.
  • Try to spread out your runs so your body has adequate recovery time, especially before and after your long run on the weekend.
  • The target distances to reach each week are rough targets. I aim to find routes that are in line with these.
  • The two most important principles to keep in mind about your run programme are: consistency (3-4 runs per week), and gradual increments in distance. You will be totally surprised by how quickly you get fit and are able to increase the distance you run each week by 1-2kms.
  • Also, it is about the cumulative distance you run per week, the time you’re putting on your legs. When you add up the distance you run at one of the peak weeks, e.g.: Week 8, you run around 30-35kms. You’re basically clocking up the mileage on your legs so they’re stronger for the race.