DAY 7: How to Stay Motivated and Keep Exercising…

It’s the last day of the blog project – well done! And thank-you for having kept reading. I hope it has motivated, energised and inspired you, or at the very least entertained you and given you a new perspective on exercise!

One of the toughest challenges I think is keeping motivated to exercise. If you agree, you aren’t alone!

It’s not always a sprinkling of fairy dust and inspiration, sometimes you have to work at it. Motivation can ebb and flow, so you’ve got to keep it topped up. Some days you have to seriously pep talk yourself into it and use every technique in the book, other days it feels like the universe aligns itself…So after speaking to other personal trainers, athletes and women, and using some of my own experiences, here are some tips, ideas and techniques to keep you motivated!

  • Leave motivational quotes where you can see them.
  • Give yourself a good pep talk/psych up session (even if you feel silly!).
  • Read a sport and exercise blog, or an inspirational story in a fitness magazine.
  • Put up your calendar with the deadline date of your goals on it.
  • Keep a fitness journal: use it as a training log, food diary, schedule of your sessions, progression, photos, words of encouragement etc.
  • Put your gear on immediately and get out the door, start your session and get past the first 10 minutes (that’s ALWAYS the hardest part!).
  • Blast your favourite, energising, uplifting song.
  • Put up pictures of yourself and your progress (graphs plotting this are useful to some very organised people).
  • Leave a special outift out on a hanger where you can see it.
  • Remind yourself of your goal/s and tell yourself to do just one thing today to work towards it.
  • Work out with other people – a personal trainer, a friend, a sports club – it holds you accountable and makes it more social.
  • Some days I don’t make it an option, it’s non-negotiable, I take no prisoners (i.e.: my lazy ass self!). I don’t think about it, I don’t allow myself the ‘Get-Out’ clauses: I’ll workout tomorrow, I’m tired, I don’t feel like it, I’ve had a tough day, the weather is rubbish…I just make myself do it!
  • And, I remind myself that I have NEVER regretted doing a workout, but I ALWAYS regret missing one!
‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit’ (Aristotle)