Inspirational Woman of the Day: Natalie Du Toit

Natalie is a Paralympic swimmer. At 16, she was a South African national swimmer when she was hit by a car on her moped and lost her lower leg. Did this stop her? Hell no! She got back in the pool and was one of the first amputees ever to qualify for the Olympics. She qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and won 5 Gold medals a the 2008 Summer Paralympics. Truly an inspiration. The quote on her website reads: ‘Be everything you want to be’.

Goal of the Day:

Do some resistance exercise today. This is great for muscle tone, preventing osteoporosis and making us strong! If you’ve got weights at home or at the gym, great. If not, you can use 500ml water bottles or tins of baked beans : ) Using your own body weight is great too. See the Tip of the Day for more info.