Inspirational Woman of the Day: Jessica Ennis

Jessica is the current World and European heptathlon champion and will be going for gold at the Olympics next year. She doesn’t have to train for just one event, but 7 (100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin throw, 800m)!! One can only imagine the discipline and comittment required for that! The triathletes reading this train for 3 disciplines, but don’t be intimidated, just training for one will suffice : )

Goal of the Day:

Use exercise today as a way of releasing all your pent up frustration and angst. Use the aggro of your commute, your work stress, financial worries, or relationship stuff to fuel a hard workout – it’s so cathartic! Hopefully, you’ll be feeling chilled and serene by the time you’ve finished.