Day 1: It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

Hi All!
Welcome to Day 1 of the BFit blog! Thank-you for participating and I sincerely hope you find this sport, exercise and fitness blog motivational. This blog is all about motivations to exercise, and everything related: from nutrition to training tips, overcoming obstacles to goal-setting. Each day I will discuss different topics related to exercise, and share some anecdotes from my own experience. Also, look out for the daily inspirational woman, goal of the day and tip of the day.
But, perhaps I should tell you a little bit more about me…
I was always an active kid – netball, swimming, tennis, dance- but that sort of diminished in my teenage years. I guess I got that slightly rebellious streak, and became a little more interested in boys ; ) But in my early twenties I rediscovered my passion for exercise and fitness again…then a few years later I moved to London.  And, well, I was too busy working, and um, partying and having fun. So I got what is commonly know by antipodeans as the ‘Heathrow Injection’: very little exercise, junk food, and alcohol resulted in me putting on a few more kilos than needed : ) Anyway, after a couple of years of general good times, I got back to my fit and healthy self! A few more years down the line and here I am: a qualified personal trainer, with diplomas in weight management and sports nutrition; completing my masters in sports, exercise and performance psychology; embarking on various different fitness challenges; and back to the weight I was when I arrived in London, albeit a little bit older!
The Heahtrow Injection Phase
Summer 2010
The path to fitness is not always a straight one, and I’ll share some of my experiences, and those of my clients, for staying motivated and keeping at it! In fact, the path is often peppered with trials and tribulations, but successes too!
This blog is for women of any fitness level. Perhaps you desperately want to get fit and healthy, or lose some weight for your bikini holiday; maybe you’ve hit a pleateau with your training and are looking to reinvigorate yourself, or you’ve forgotten what the prupose is of all your training