This blog is for women of any fitness level. Perhaps you desperately want to get fit and healthy, or lose some weight for your bikini holiday; maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your training, or you’ve forgotten that sport and exercise can be fun, and in my opinion should be fun, and part of a bigger attitude towards enjoying life!

I would like to try shift women’s perspectives about exercise and sport. We often think that we need to the best at a sport to participate in it, that gyms are intimidating, that exercise is a chore: some form of cruel punishment. I believe our attitude to exercise is about our attitude to life and revitilising our passion for it!

Do you remember as a kid that exercise was how we played? Playing tag or kissing catchers in our lunch break at school, spending all afternoon riding around the neighbourhood on our bikes with our friends. It used to be fun and a natural part of our day.

Now, I’m not saying you should convince your work colleagues to spend their lunch break playing kissing catchers (though that would make for an interesting YouTube video!). But, it’s about shifting our attitude about exercise to see it as a part of our lifestyle, doing sport and exercise we find fun, enjoying the immediate benefits, like feeling great afterwards, finding it a natural therapy for our bad mood, and a fun social activity. Something life affirming!

I hope this blog will inspire you to find your own fitness challenge, or embark on an exercise programme, and most importantly, to have fun while doing it!

Remember: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ (Lao-Tzu)