Running in High Heels

Hi Running in High Heelers,

We live in a goal-driven, fast-paced, competitive world, where we need to bring our best daily, while creating a life, and a lifestyle, where we thrive. And thrive means so many things these days – it is about looking good, feeling good, being successful; it’s about relationships, friendships, happiness; that feeling of energy and satisfaction with where we are in life… It is about navigating our way through a sometimes confusing world, with all the demands placed on us.

Running in High Heels is a fitness and lifestyle blog for women like you and I – To keep us running in high heels, at our best and having fun while doing it!

The motto here is: Passion with purpose…

I started the blog a few years ago with the purpose of creating a community to connect and empower women through our shared passion of looking and feeling good, being awesome and finding our own unique running in high heels balance!

Who is it for?

Smart, independent women who are pursuing their passions and are trying to find their own unique RIHH (running in high heels) balance and who want fun, insightful, real and meaningful content. Women who have passion and are on purpose…

What is it about?

Just some broad categories of all the things that you and I are interested in!
Be Healthy – it is about health and wellbeing; taking care of our health; longevity; a healthy attitude towards our bodies; healthy eating and recipes.
Be Fit – it is about fitness, exercise, new activities, keeping fit, looking good, and all the benefits!
Be Free – it is about travel, new hobbies and adventures; life choices and changes.
Be Awesome – it is about careers, goals, success, thriving, creativity, productivity, balance, meaning, relationships, and challenges!

So who am I?

My name is Bianca and I work as a Performance Lifestyle Coach in elite sport, helping to ‘coach’ athletes to be the top of their game and supporting them to fulfil their potential. My passions led me to pursue studies in Media and Psychology (BA Hons), a Masters in Sport Psychology and qualifications in Executive Coaching, as well as Personal Training and Nutrition.

I’m also a freelance writer, part-time blogger, recreational runner, beginner golfer, and most importantly like you, I’m trying to find that elusive balance of being a modern woman and figure out the rhythm of my life, what I like to call running in high heels!

I hope you’ll enjoying reading how I try to find my own running in high heels balance (not always successfully!), as well as other women’s inspiring stories right here on the blog. And the tips, secrets and all the laughs along the way!


Be Fit, Be Fierce, Be Fabulous!



‘Life isn’t about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself’ – George Bernard Shaw